Paypal + info

Dear all, we had some minor Paypal issues on the integration through the website the last days, this issued should have been resolved, for any questions email to Greetings Bas

Payment options + info

Dear all we had some changes with the payment options on the website,we offer many other new ways of payment which makes it possible to order worldwide , included international bank transfer, creditcard and we added some more option : Apple…

Medal and pins update

a small medals and pins update but with some very nice pieces in there, also we have uploaded many other items, have a look in our different section of the shopGrtz Bas

SSH40 soviet WW2 helmet update

we have just update our shop with many wartime soviet SSH40 helmets these helmets we found with many others helmets in a farm in Latvia most of them are original WW2 produce and have WW2 original liner and straps some have early postwar…

small photo update

we have just listed some new photo's to our webshop, see the photo section, below are all items listed in this new update, expect a very large update this weekend! with many new fotos feldpost etc etcgrtz Bas

New heavy metal update!

as if the first update this week was not enough... its never enough ;) we have uploaded the webshop with many heavy metal items, Metallica would be light to these pieces many SSH40 soviet helmets in fine condition! great for your soviet display…