Munchen dachau & Nurnberg the rise and fall off the thirdreich and ww2

Hello all,

Rocksteady went on a small trip to Germany to source some new items for our own and your collection, we always combine that with history, this time we did Munich and Nurnberg.
Very impressive to say the least, first the famous Beer halls Hoffbrau haus in Munich, the Feldhern halle moved on towards Nurnberg Reichsparteitag gelande and other famous sites from pictures you might remember seeing in history class places were Adolf Hitler and Heinrich himmler once stood.
Off course close to Munich the very sad history of the Holocaust in Dachau concentration camp….
We finished the trip with a visit to the famous Remagen Bridge!

we added some photos and videos from the trip.

for the orders, they came in good but due to our travel we could not ship but the first ones are out and tmmrw the last ones on the road!
then we will also make a new update for you to enjoy, and this weekend you can find us at the Ciney Militaria fair in Belgium and the week after the Houten fair

greetings Bas

the place in Nurnberg were large Nazi rallies were held with more then 150.000 people

Dachau concentration camp…..

this location in Nurnberg was never finished