Tiger II Panzerkampfwagen  Sd.Kfz. 182 Königstiger update

Hello all, today we launched an update from one of the most rarest and biggest tanks in world war two the KINGtiger.

all these relics were found during a metaldetecting trip through czech republic using old german documentation about the battles
these kingtiger parts come from the place where a KT was destroyed by Russian aircraft at a repair station
all items 100% king tiger! we have small parts from the track, from the exploded amunition, but also the Gaspedal, armour, and other parts
your chance to own a part of this rare tank, and we from Rocksteady were very excited to come across these pieces, the main tracks you can rarely come across but thats mainly it, other parts are much much harder!
below some of the parts listed, we made a new category specially for this

Grtz bas