Stoneleigh 2020 great succes!

Stoneleigh in the UK was this weekend and Rocksteady was present, first of all it was great meeting so many costumers! it gave me a smile from ear to ear! the internet is nice but meeting everyone in person is just great!
we will be there again next year, the Next fair in the UK will be Malvern
we have added some fotos from our trip and stall.
off course we have visited Coventry which was Bombed by the Germans in WW2, a visit to the Cathedral in the footsteps of Winston Churchill, the bombardment was devestating and destroyed most of the old town, the scars where never healed, walking in Coventry still feels very grey to say the least.

due to the fair the shipment of orders was slightly delayed, we arrived back today and made sure all shipments were send out, you should have the tracking in your email

greetings Bas