Shipments and Malvern Militaria in the UK

Dear all !
First we would like to Thank everyone that came to see us and pick up new items at the Malvern show in the United kingdom
it was a great weekend with all costumers and other Traders, a lovely show in a lovely village and area and we will for sure be back next time

because we were away from the Rocksteady HQ for some days travelling from the Netherlands to the UK with the Night boat and drove more then 1000KM we were not able to make the shipments yet from orders that came in, today we arrived back by boat in the Netherlands and had a lot of unpacking to do before we are able to ship, from Tuesday evening we are sending orders out again, as some of you know during the weekdays we still have our other Company, Rocksteady constructions and events, thank you for understanding

Rocksteady Bas