Rocksteady roadtrip + shipments

Dear all Rocksteady guest followers and friends!
Last weekend we were on a big roadtrip in Germany, in 2 days travelled more then 1600 Kilometers to find new gear for you guys and girls!
we managed to find a unique old Panzer factory with many cool Panzer vision glasses from pretty much all German type tanks like the tiger panther and more, and brought it all back to the Rocksteady HQ, soon some will come for sale so stay tuned.

Shipments: we have received all orders this weekend in Good order, as said above we were on the road in Germany so we had no time to ship yet, as many of you know we do two fulltime jobs at once, Rocksteady Militaria + Rocksteady constructions, so this monday morning 07:00 we were already back in site building.
this evening after work we will start packing and shipping al orders and you will receive the tracking in your email.

thank you all for your patience, here some fotos from the roadtrip

enjoy Bas