Rocksteady on the Move to our new office and shop!

as many of you knew already right before Christmas we got the key to our new appartment/workshop/shop, the last 20 days have been complete madness, making 18 hours a day, normal work and after that straight on to building and fixing the shop and house.
the next 3/4 days we are making the final movement of transferring all our webshop items and our office, more then 3000 items, a hell of a job!
in these days we will not be able to ship, shiment will commence as soon as the office is open ( and thats top priority) sleeping we can do on the ground but the office needs to be tight 😉
in the Photos already a preview of what you can expect in our new shop, two floors, bottom one mostly helmets and relics, the upper floor the more high end and small items

we hope to see you in the shop one day for a coffee or beer!

Cheers bas