Rocksteady in Stalingrad.

we like to make dreams come true, so this year we visited Volgograd russia(Stalingrad), and Moscow.
First we headed out to moscow to meet with family and visit the famous museums up there, next stop was Stalingrad! it was very moving to finally be at this place were so many people suffered.
Eating steak and drinking a beer at the middle of the Frontline were god knows what happen 70+ years ago…
Visited the many memorials and museums, the famous hill Mamaiev kurgan (we brought some relics from there) and on top of all we went out digging with the locals! we found some very nice pieces and made some unique deals for Rocksteady! we managed to get a Lot of helmets all found in the Stalingrad kessel, some from Leningrad/Belarus/Kalingrad.
they will soon appear online so stay tuned to get your real Stalingrad piece of history

greetings Bas

Steady as a Rock we go were no one else goes for the coolest items! 14034969_1675624942757560_6398459049931108749_n 14102400_1675624902757564_5938569325255087853_n 14068311_1675624876090900_5874996894795175071_n 14063786_1675624819424239_5727608198238240807_n 14040073_1675624739424247_59040076169019354_n 13962498_1675624686090919_3266317966874615156_n 14068192_1677800872539967_629390705088142783_n 14051680_1678737442446310_1689575969423491497_n 14142008_1678737492446305_1422106963136383119_n 14117958_1678737505779637_3016520253054505929_n 14102229_1678737629112958_3330645014404609775_n 14100314_1677800402540014_6058096864121256001_n 14055069_1677800709206650_3927450201320340363_n 14045732_1677800629206658_8631487984137251969_n2016-08-27 20.25.43 2016-08-27 20.23.52 2016-08-27 21.27.48 2016-08-27 23.45.56 2016-08-27 14.00.14 2016-08-27 13.18.14 2016-08-27 11.41.36 2016-08-27 11.41.09 2016-08-27 09.38.27 2016-08-25 13.09.30 14051680_1678737442446310_1689575969423491497_n 14142008_1678737492446305_1422106963136383119_n 14117958_1678737505779637_3016520253054505929_n 14055069_1677800709206650_3927450201320340363_n 14045732_1677800629206658_8631487984137251969_n 2016-08-25 13.09.52 2016-08-27 09.07.26 2016-08-27 09.23.59 2016-08-27 11.40.50 2016-08-27 11.40.55 2016-08-27 13.14.50 2016-08-27 11.09.54 2016-08-27 13.59.21