Rocksteady in Belarus!

in April Rocksteady visited Belarus, with visits to the Stalin line and other battlefields, Minsk war museum.
Enjoy the photos and small stories that go with it

Belarus is rich of many small villages that all stil bare the scars of war, every village was a battlefield, as you can see on the buildings, many monuments around

Many villages got complete destroyed by the Germans and the population murdered, some were never rebuild and all that is left are the foundations of the houses.
Belarus used to have a big Jewish population, none were left after the war, everywhere you go you see mass graves

and we visited the many bunkers of the Stalin defence line

and off course a museum visit in Minsk, for the great patriotic war

and we try and hunt for relics, but the ground was still solid frozen so we did not find much, we just found some coins to get lego 😉

and across belarus you find items of war