Rocksteady goes on holiday = 10%discount!

Jes soon Rocksteady will go for some days to the lovely Greek island of Crete, off course because big battles during WW2 took place there so we have a lot to explore! and well, also the sun, sea, beer and Greek culture is a very nice welcome after all the hard work. (off course all within countries safety measures and regulations)

And well we could not bear it that we would be sitting there and you at home, scrolling through our website. so we decided that for one week we will have a 10% discount on all items to also give you that holiday spirit!

Discount will run from Saturday 1-8-2020 night 24:00 sharp, and lasts 7 days. orders made these couple upcoming days will still be shipped before we departure 5-8-2020, so we cant ship for 8 days, orders can be placed without a problem. after that shipments will be posted first thing when we come back on the 13th of august.

off course we will keep an eye on our email, facebook and all other possible ways for your questions.


Greetings Bas