New update

also during the holidays we are still active with finding new goodies! we are currently working on getting these items online on the websitesome Hitlerjugend items , a couple Field radios and more

Houten Militaria

the last fair of the year we just had, Houten Militaria http://militariabeurshouten.com/Beursagenda.htmlhappening a couple times a year, Netherlands best indoor fair where you can always find us.it was great meeting with so many friends collegues…
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****Christmas update****

Jes its almost the time of the year again, still full From thanksgiving and Sinterklaas has yet to come but we already start with our Christmas update! many new items that people requested including some Tiger tank Glass Hitlerjugend drums…

last black friday update!!

last black friday update!!the last update we are currently working on, expect it online within 24 hours! (first alreayd live 😉 ) And within our 10% discount time! , ending in 10 days! excactly at the end of black fridaywe have added some pieces…

Shipments and Malvern Militaria in the UK

Dear all ! First we would like to Thank everyone that came to see us and pick up new items at the Malvern show in the United kingdom http://www.militariashows.com/ it was a great weekend with all costumers and other Traders, a lovely show…

Malvern Militaria fair UK

Upcoming weekend 17th november You can find Rocksteady in the UK at Malvern Militaria with a large stall of original militaria and more Three Counties Showgroundwww.rocksteady-militaria.comhttp://www.militariashows.com/malvern/2019-11-17/…

Ryker's display cases

Back in stock Ryker display cases made in USA , multiple types available, you can find them in our shop under section: other war eras and Rocksteady items  these types are available-large white-medium white-small white-red 35 blocks-red20…
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