New website update 1-10-2023

Hello all, first of all thank you for all the worldwide orders lately, if all is well they have arrived at your doorstep or are still on the road.
a quik reminder we ship at least one time a week in the weekends due to our normal job that keeps us very busy during the week, sometimes we ship two times, so it can be that it takes a few days till the order is shipped, we dont want to rush shipment in anyways because we prefer a good handling and correct shipment of the items

we have just made a new update in our webshop with many new items, including many battlefield relics from operation market garden, Arnhem Nijmegen area from a local collector friend who found the items himself, also other nice goodies in good condition 😉
much more will follow next week because there were simply too many items to process in one day so stay tuned, we have a lot of USA ww2 medical items coming up next week, here some photos of the items listed

greetings Bas