new update 29-1-2022 battledamaged helmets SS polizei ekm dogtags

hello all, we have just made a new update with some very nice battledamaged german helmet and rare SS and polizei EKM dogtags who were all found together in the Netherlands in the city of Vught, the city had many SS facilities including a concentration camp

these tag were found with hundreds other around the SS barracks and concentration camp Vught in the Netherlands close to the Rocksteady HQ

these tags came from one find of discarted ekm’s(dumped) from soldiers that were most likely put into new units at Vught and got a new dogtag, or were discarded at the end of the war around the battle for shertogenbosch
some of these units fought around Arnhem late war, and many saw battle before or were part of notorious operations on the east front against partizans and in ghetto’s like Warschau Pilzen and pretty much fought in all battles before 1944
a historical find in the Netherlands SS dogtags erkennungsmarke

more info on the Camp which was close to where these tags were found:

below a preview of the items listed, much more will follow

greetings Bas