new update 20-6-2022

dear all, the Van was full to the top so here is a new large update!
a couple of items will follow later these days including a FW190 Propellor! and the goliath bomb parts and tracks, most of the other items are now online, the radios we had so much we listed the nicest ones first
the update includes
– multiple relic helmets, some with double decal, battledamage, a very nice ww1 relic camo
– Iron cross , world war one and two
– bottles from the factory of the father from Anne Frank , Otto frank Opekta
-goliath tank track parts and engine parts
-many german baklelite field telephones we made a new category for this you can find it under equipment a couple are listed online, more will follow this week due to the large ammount
-k98 grenade launchers
-fallschirmjager dropcontainer wheel
– and much more!