Hello Everyone a small Rocksteady update/vlog

Most important thing for you, dont worry all orders are on the road again 🙂
Orders that are placed come in good and we try our best to get them out asap. in busy times with our normal work we ship once a week, if possible more often.
Besides the large operation market garden collection we had in lately not many new large updates, but no worries im always busy searching items and new gear will come soon, also only a small part of the collection we were able to list, so many more items from that coming too.

Youtube: we have started to launch the first Rocksteady series: Relic helmets cleaning and preservation, very busy with working on finishing those, the first episodes are to find online, dont hesitate to drop a comment!
Besides that series we have big plans with it so stay tuned, subscribe and all that to support us , much appreciated
For all questions you can always email, i try to respond asap

greetings ~! Bas