Goliath tracked mine update and info

hello all, we just finished listing all the Goliath tracked mine parts that a friend from rocksteady militaria found in Normandy , all parts come from the same vehicle or exploding remote bomb
we made a special category for them under tracks and panzer parts click this link to go there: https://rocksteady-militaria.com/product-category/vehicle-parts/goliath-tracked-mine-parts/?v=796834e7a283

The Goliath tracked mine (German: Leichter Ladungsträger Goliath, “Goliath Light Charge Carrier”) was a series of two unmanned ground vehicles used by the German Army as disposable demolition vehicles during World War II. These were the electrically powered Sd.Kfz. 302 and the petrol-engine powered Sd.Kfz. 303a and 303b. They were known as “beetle tanks” by the Allies.

They carried 60 or 100 kg (130 or 220 lb) of high explosives, depending on the model, and were intended to be used for multiple purposes, such as destroying tanks, disrupting dense infantry formations, and the demolition of buildings or bridges. Goliaths were single-use vehicles that were destroyed by the detonation of their warhead.