Email and shipments

our shipment company website:

dear all, first of all thanks for all the orders that come in lately and the trust

Emails: we had noticed an error within the automatic email system, normally when placing an order you get a confirmation email, and when the order is shipped a completed email, we did got some messages since the last website update this did not work as it should, these problems have been fixed now if all is good 🙂
remember, dont hesitate to email us with any questions!

We try to ship twice a week, wednesday and in the weekend, sometimes this can be one time a week due to our busy schedule and times with our other Construction company we have which is our main income, we do Rocksteady aside as a hobby and collector ourself, so it can sometimes happen an items is shipped after 4 days, we thank you for this understanding
the experience we have with out shipment company for the last 5 years have been really pleasant, we could say perfect considering the orders go all around the world.
we always so, do not worry the item will arrive one way or another!
again, dont hesitate to email us for any questions regarding your shipment tracking or arrival time

Greetings Bas