December info and best Christmas wishes

First a massive thank you to all who ordered lately and this whole year ,all orders came in good and all packages arrived or are still on the road!
Rocksteady militaria packages went from India to Canada, France , Australia, Russia, Brazil, Singapore, japan , USA, and the list goes on and on !
The road for packages as usual takes a bit longer this time of year because of the busy December months with post, specially with Corona the its busier then ever, but im glad i can say im very satisfied with the shipment company we use and i can say we had 100% good arrivals of the packages.
If you did not get a tracking code feel free to email us:

Website info: we noticed that our message board on the website was not wroking correctly so messages send throug that way did not arrive to us, so if you wondered why you did not get a reply this is most likely the reason. also normally the website would send you a confirmation that we received the order unfortunatly that is also not working, we are still working on a massive website update to improve such things, new servers etc because the ammount of items and photos we have online is pretty MASSIVE and uses a lot of data.

we will update the website with some more new items these Christmas days, still plenty of new goodies in stock for you all to enjoy.

2021: wel we have all seen it, the covid is still on unfortunatly, and jes that also has a big impact on Rocksteady militaria, normally we would travel all over europe to fairs and find new items, this became a bit less.. for example we normally would do +- 18 fairs in a year in the UK, Belgium,Germany, Netherlands, this year we were happy to be able to attend just 3 fairs and only local because they all got cancelled.. which is too bad because we like it a lot to meet our costumers in the UK Belgium France Germany etc etc.
we definatly hope 2022 will bring as closer together again for a beer or coffee!
Because meeting in person says so much more then online, we have noticed ourself with my son who i was not able to see for 1,5 years because of Covid restrictions, he lives in Russia/moscow with his mother and its hard/impossible for me to travel towards him with Visa’s etc, thankfully he was old enough to travel by himself towards the Rocksteady HQ in the Netherlands and since he has a Dutch passport he is free to travel, when the fairs are on again he will be our sidekick in the Future!

with this post we have added some photos from the Rocksteady militaria collection

we wish you all a great Christmas and safe new years eve, for all to enjoy with family and loved ones

greetings Rocksteady Bas