BF109G-5 /u2 4./JG 11 pilot: Feldwebel helmut Harz ,KIA

very excited to have been able to preserve this piece from destruction and add it to the Rocksteady militaria collection
we got the news a local farmer had an aircraft engine he found on the field and it was gonna get removed so we got into action
turned out it was a BF109G-5 /u2 world war two engine, who got destroyed in an air battle on 30-01-1944
flown by Feldwebel helmut Harz ,KIA burried on ysselstein cemetary Netherlands
Unit:4./JG 11 flight Base departure: luftwaffe airbase Deelen Netherlands
the piece is not for sale but we wanted to share it in anyways

RIP for this fallen soldier, soon we will visit his grave and lay down some flowers

Greetings Bas