an airplane wheel and the dark history of the Dutch royal family and the German SS in ww2

-the german luftwaffe airplane the Dutch royal family flew in and the dark history of the prince-

The Dutch royal family has a dark history with Germany in WW2

As Prins Bernhard the husband of the queen used to be a member of the NSDAP SA SS and DLV, this gave a lot of protests when he married the queen after the war. Bernhard his roots were in Germany.…/Prince_Bernhard_of_Lippe…

the wheel you see pictured in the Photo belonged to the luftwaffe airplane he flew in: SIEBEL SI.204, in 1946 it was registered under his name. this piece is in the Rocksteady militaria collection

Bernhard’s private life was very controversial because he served as a SS officer for the Nazis prior to switching sides to the British. Despite this, he was respected for his performance as a combat pilot and his activities as a liaison officer and personal aide to Queen Wilhelmina during the Second World War, and for his work during post-war reconstruction. During World War II, he was part of the London-based Allied war planning councils. He saw active service as a Wing Commander (RAF), flying both fighter and bomber planes into combat. He was a Dutch general and Supreme Commander of the Dutch Armed forces, involved in negotiating the terms of surrender of the German Army in the Netherlands. For proven bravery, leadership and loyalty during his wartime efforts, he was appointed a Commander of the Military William Order, the Netherlands’ oldest and highest honour. After the war he was made Honorary Air Marshal of the Royal Air Force by Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. In 1969, Bernhard was awarded the Grand Cross (Special Class) of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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