Rocksteady winkeldag!

aanstaande zondag 30 mei is onze winkel weer geopend, let op dit is enkel voor bekende klanten en op afspraak ivb Corona regels, met tijds vakken van een uur, er zijn nog een minimaal aantal plekken vrij, interesse om iets op te halen? stuur…

memorial day USA

on this day the whole world commemorates the fallen soldiers from the USA that fought for our liberty worldwide, its not about politics, but about lives, family's that lost a father or mother, sacrifices made for another person often a stranger.…

new update 27-5-2020

already working hard on the new update, it was a busy sunday! in the morning preparing and shipping packages, in the afternoon we had a couple visitors in the shop.in the beginning of the eveningwe got a sign there were some hidden gems waiting…

Tiger tank vision blocks

we managed to get a nice group of tiger vision blocks in, these were used in the tanks, all in solid condition, some in almost perfect condition with very fine markings, are for sale in the webshop in the vehicle section

All items uploaded and LIVE!

jes our complete update is live, you can find all items in our shop.below we have listed all items in images that are now online.not all is shown in the Category New rocksteady items to not overflow that.so here you can see every single item…

Balken kreuz +update

Jes we are very happy to be able to bring this piece, a unique once in a lifetime piece we are able to offer this balkenkreuz + one other piece will come online today, at the moment only pickup due to the size, shipment would be possible but…
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