2019/2020 happy new year to all

1-1-2020 we would like to start with wishing everyone a great 2020! that all your dream may came true no matter how small or big, always aim for the top.
we look back with a big smile on 2019, a great year in many ways specially for Rocksteady, again many big fairs around europe, meeting so many new collectors and friends, in 2020 we will do all the Big fairs again like : Ciney, war and peace revival, houten , Malvern , Stoneleigh, wings and wheels and many more off course with a lot of new WW2 items from all sorts.
And for Rocksteady its a big step forward with a new house location office and shop in Maaskantje Netherlands that we are currently working on very hard to get it done on time.
here an overview of some of the updates we had, fairs we did.

we hope to see you again in 2020!

greetings Team Rocksteady.