Rent a panzer

since short Rocksteady has a sister company Rent a panzer you can hire a reproduction wooden panzer 3 for display at events for more info email to

Camo helmet update

today we have a brand new camo helmet update one helmet found in Veghel area Netherlands the other two come From Norway area one a former single decal SS a woodchip and sand camo

War and peace revival 2018 has come to an end

one week of militaria and celebrations has come to an end, 30+ Celcius everyday but goin strong was great to meet so many costumers and Rocksteady crew members, special thanks to those that helped us during this week and all our fellow traders,…

War and peace revival 2018

From 22 till 30 Juli Rocksteady is on the road to the war and peace revival these days we cant update our website, or process orders please keep this in mind when ordering an item, we cant be sure the item is still in stock while we are there thanks…